Online Fitness Coach Shares Most Used Personal Training Excuses

Are You Making these Exercise Excuses?

Extra fries or exercise? Don’t worry now since you can have both without making a heartbreaking decision.

Is your personal training motivation wearing down already? Have you started cursing your food/work/kids (those poor darlings) for robbing your workout time?

Here is a list of answers to all the excuses you can ever find to skip workout. 

“I don’t have time”

This is the grown up version of “my dog ate my homework. You’ll never use that excuse again. Make a list every night of what is in your top 10 priority the next morning. Always make workouts your first thing in the morning. Earlier the morning, the better you save time for other things.

“I’m going through a breakup, I don’t have a reason to look good anymore”

Exercise is the best revenge, especially when calories scream while you burn them. Don’t exercise because nobody compliments you. Compliment yourself. That’s the takeaway truth. Encouragement should come from the inside. Learn to celebrate yourself.

“I love food, and hate dieting”

Well, size zero models love food (wait for it) more than you! It’s not about eating. It’s about having food healthy enough to burn fat and satisfy your sweet tooth. Yes, food burns fat too. If eaten in a right amount, of course. 

Secret weapon for fat destruction is protein. Makes you eat less by keeping you full for a long time. Example: Eggs. When you include fruits as a breakfast every day, half the fat is lost! Skipping breakfast brings down your body’s ability to burn fat. Burn more calories by eating breakfast!

I recently wrote an article about this topic for an online personal training software company, looking a reviews of pt distinction posted online it’s easy to see why so many people struggle to lose weight.

“I have kids!”

If you don’t keep yourself healthy, what are your kids going to learn from you? Shouldn’t you be a role model? Here’s an idea. Workout with them! The simplest exercise to do with kids is yoga. Teach them to breathe in and breathe out. Show them how to stretch. If they are a bit older, take them for a jog.

“I wake up stressed about work, resulting in unfinished workouts”

Stress inhibits the body’s ability to burn fat. Do not rush your workouts. Practice breathing exercises. Do some yoga. Workout with your bestie! Make it fun, not a chore. It increases your metabolism. If mornings are not your workout time, then choose sometime between 3-7 PM. The second best time to work out. Meditate before workout to relieve stress.

“I hit the gym for months and I’m thin now”

About 90% of the people that quit gym regain the lost weight. Do not work out for the sole reason to become thin. Work out to have a healthy heart rate, a good appetite, creative imagination and a toxin free body. Ageing is a naturally slow process in the body. Poor fitness only accelerates the process. Decide if you want to look 20 at 40 or 40 at 20. If you are an online fitness coach you must be able to spot this excuse right away otherwise your clients will not be held accountable to train.

“I lose motivation too easily”

Self-doubt kills your future more than failure. Keep a workout playlist to help you keep interested in whatever exercise you do. Fall in love with yourself. You’ll still feel your heart racing, palms sweating, skin flushing and a whole zoo in your stomach during personal training.

Love your body; it’ll love you right back. Visit Online Fitness Profits for more great tips and be sure to like my Facebook page – thank you!