Home Decorating Tips for the DIY Lover

If you have been thinking about changing up the look of your home, perhaps you have considered trying a DIY approach. DIY stands for “do it yourself”, and if you’re a person why enjoys arts and crafts, no doubt you can see the appeal of creating your own decorations for your house rather than purchasing them. In this article, we will share with you a few projects you can tackle in order to get your home looking fantastic in no time!

1.Playing With Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint is exactly how the name suggests – a paint that can create a chalkboard! The next time you visit your local craft shop (I found chalkboard paint at Michaels), travel down the aisle that sells spray paint. You can usually find chalkboard paint there, in a spray paint-sized can. A good size can should cost you between seven and fifteen dollars, depending on where you look.

What can you do with chalkboard paint for your home decorating? One idea is to turn one wall into a giant chalkboard! This can work great in your bedroom, one of your children’s rooms, or in the kitchen/dining room area. In a bedroom, a chalkboard wall would be fantastic behind a bed with no bed frame. Why not use chalk to draw yourself a lovely frame on your new chalkboard wall? Or in a child or teen’s room, a chalkboard wall would allow creativity without commitment to one image, as well as keep a home looking great (no more scrubbing crayon and marker off the wall thanks to baby Picaso!).

In a dining room or kitchen, a chalkboard wall can serve as a place to write your shopping list, or even recipes you would like to try. When your family comes home, why not have the menu for dinner and dessert written for them to see? This will help to get everyone excited for dinner while simultaneously making your space look great.

2. Learn to Sew!

The best thing you can do for your home is to learn how to sew Think about it! If you do not already know how to work a sewing machine, learning to do so can help you create bedding, shower curtains, throw pillows, curtains, and so much more! And don’t worry that you need to have a pattern for everything you desire to make.

For example, say you want to make a baby blanket. You have a couple of options to help you get started, like measure a blanket you may already have, or simply go to your local fabric store and purchase two yards each of two 45″ fabrics. This will make a blanket that a baby can grow with. Pick two patterns that go well together, or two colors that compliment each other quite nicely. Soft fabric is recommended. Once you get home, lay one fabric face down and then, on top of this, place the other face up. That way, no matter which side of the blanket is facing you, you will see a design. Take some sewing scissors, and around all four edges, make one inch wide, two inch long snips. Then, simply tie the two fabrics together to create your blanket!

A faster way to whip up a blanket or curtain is to simply purchase one piece of fabric, and then use your sewing skills to hem each edge. With something like a shower curtain, you may need to make “button” holes, but this is quite simple and quick.

In conclusion, home decorating is an easy thing to accomplish at your house, using your own skills. Good luck, and may you have a beautiful DIY home in no time!