Some Simple Interior Design Tips

Attempting a makeover of some sort can be intimidating. You want to improve the way it looks, not make it worse, which is why you put a lot of pressure on yourself. Take a deep breath instead, and keep reading. You can also look at Naomi’s site for even more interesting information.

Try Starting With A Color Scheme

Before you start the process of buying new furniture and accessories, it’s best to have a good color scheme in mind. Get a good idea of the atmosphere you want to create, and then start matching colors from there. 

With a color scheme in place it will also be easier to buy extra furniture or accessories. And if you’ll be using current furniture, you might want to consider them before finalizing your choice of color. 

Indulge A Display

Chances are you have an investment piece lying around, or you’re thinking about getting one. If this is the case then you should use it. Don’t let it fade in the corner when you can put it front and center.

Raise The Ceiling 

Do you want to know the cheapest way for giving the ceiling more height? Get shorter furniture. With shorter furniture it creates the illusion of a higher ceiling. 

Get More Mirrors

If can’t decide on which paintings or pictures you want to use, why not try substituting them with mirrors. They really warm up a room, but try to do it with style. Simply putting up a large mirror might create a very commercial feel. 

Silver And Gold Work Together

As a last little tip, try putting silver and gold together. For some reason people love to separate the two, when in reality they work so perfectly together, especially with other metallic finishes. 

Now that you have a better idea of where to start, you can work out that budget and make things happen.

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